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When I was watching this scene all I could think was Emma should choose more wisely when she raids Regina’s closet … ‘cos that blouse is just too obvious …

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Don’t get me wrong!

I love watching Cosmos a Spacetime Odyssey!

But every time I see this ….

or this …

I have to think of this …

And that makes me want to replay Mass Effect … which is exactly what I’m going to do.

OMG! it just dawned on me why this  is so funny!

* runs and hides

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Bones ^^^ Right … and it does say Sascha Alexander …

So I was superhappy because that would be so cool, fandom clash  and all that… Maura Isles teaching Temperance Brennan a thing or two. Or of course the other way around, it would be cool either way.

But there is apparently Sascha Alexander and Sasha Alexander … :( and I didn’t notice the ‘h’ while I was doing my happy dance!


Big birthday shoutouts to all the Aries out there!!!


Big birthday shoutouts to all the Aries out there!!!

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Reblog if you agree and let’s show this the people who think that the whole SQ fandom is hateful.

This goes for any an all ships. Just have fun, no need to hate!

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inspired by

Love this!

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Bering & Wells

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I compiled some personal tactics and crowd sourced DIY remedies for the sads (clinical term) into a mini comic! Enjoy xoxo

Just what I needed. Thanks.

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